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Allergic Rashes

Allergic RashesAllergic rashes are a common occurrence. They result from coming into contact with a substance to which you are allergic. The allergan or irritant causes an itchy rash to appear. For instance, someone who is allergic to dogs may develop a rash when a dog licks their skin or brushes against them. Or a person who is allergic to mosquitoes may develop a more severe and long-lasting, itchy reaction when bitten by a mosquito than a typical bite would cause.

Food or medication can also cause allergic reactions that lead to rashes. Certain illnesses like measles or chicken pox can cause rashes as well.

The different types of allergic rashes are Eczema, Hives and Contact Dermatitis.

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Contact Dermatitis is a rash that is itchy, burning and has blisters. People can react to soaps, perfumes, shampoos, metals, glues, cosmetics, medications, plants and latex. A contact reaction can also result in combination with sun exposure. This is called photoallergenic contact dermatitis.

Avoid scratching your hives or rash to prevent more irritation and the possibility of infection. A soothing bath followed by moisturizer can help to reduce irritation. Contact your dermatologist or allergist for topical creams or oral medications to calm your rash. Antihistamines can help calm irritation. There are prescription ointments for mild to moderate atopic dermatitis and biologic medications for moderate to severe conditions available through your doctor.

Learning to avoid substances that cause a reaction can help reduce the occurrence of contact dermatitis. Avoiding sun exposure reduces photoallergic contact dermatitis.

If your rash is caused by a food allergy, an allergist can help determine which food or foods you should avoid consuming and set up a treatment plan in case accidental exposure happens.

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